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Venice, Italy

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Venice paths summary

You would think that Venice in Italy is one of the places in the world that don't have paths. It is said that Venice was founded around 400 AD. It wasn't first the most important island in the lagoon, but after Ducale Palazzo was built and goverment was based on Doges, it became the a center for trade. It was the seapower of Mediterranean Sea. The city is built on an island, but it was too small so it has been widen by using wooden posts and the buildings were build on top of them. Basically there is very little land to be seen; only narrow streets and canals. But Venice do have paths: at least two of them! They are both formed on the small area of open land left. One of them is mainly used by students to go to their school in the area of Dorsoduro. The other one leads from Campo San Trovaso to the canal - Rio de San Trovaso.

The paths were mapped in autumn 2005.

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