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Rome, Italy

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Rome paths summary

Mapping paths requires time. There are now only few paths mapped from Rome, but hopefully some day there will be more. Most of the paths are from a park - Borghese. Borghese Park started as a vineyard in 16th century and was then turned into a park. The lanscaper Domenico Savino da Montepulciano designed the formal geometric shapes of the park. This makes it rather interesting that most of the paths in the park go through a hedge. Maybe people have wanted to blend the formality.

One path in the map is situated in EUR. It is close to Palazzo delle Civiltà del Lavor, which was under renovation. It seems that the path might have been formed by the workers, who are renovating the building.

As usual in the bigger cities, it is hard to find paths in the city center of Rome.

The paths were mapped in autumn 2004.

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