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Bergen, Norway

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Bergen paths summary

Very typical paths in Bergen are the ones formed in between the curves in serpentine roads and streets going up the mountains or hills. The paths seem to be for the vigorous ones, who don’t want to take the curves slowly, but go straight away. Paths are shortcuts to home, to work, to grocery store etc. Sometimes it is also hard to distinguish which paths are made by running water and which ones by people or animals.

Geographical forms, which are very rich with heights, define very much of the architecture and city plan in Bergen. This is the same with paths. Close to the city center, naturally there can’t be very many paths found, because the small wooden houses and other buildings are built very close to each others.

One of the nicest meeting in Bergen was an man who was building a street over a path. He was very old and told that he is tired of walking home from the parking place so he thought he'd build a street reaching the yard and he can then park his car closer to home. Funny thing was that it is pretty hard work to build a street on your own, maybe harder than walk home from parking place? He was still very persistend and had been working intensively for months. 1/3 of the street was ready.

The paths were mapped in summer 2004.

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