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Prora, Germany

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Prora paths summary

Most of the paths in Prora were found by the beach in between the kilometres long building complex and the sea. There were two "main paths" in the area: they went along by the buildings side by side, one closer to the water and one closer to the buildings. It is worth to mention that in the end of 1930' there were supposed to be a railway built on this main path by the Nazis. The trains could have brought the "German Workmen" to have their holiday and "strenghten their nerves" in the holiday resort. The resort - that was Hitler's massive plan - didn't get all the way ready, but there are still many buildings standing. Some of them are still in use, but some abandoned.

There were paths going to the entrances that go trough the massive houses. The buildings give characteristics to the paths, because the sort of give the main directions. Seems that most of the paths are mainly used for leisure: cyckling, jogging etc.

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The paths were mapped in spring 2005.

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