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TAG your place!

Lepa and Mile working with their Old Bazar  -project. TAG your place! -workshop was organised in summer 2006 in Bitola, Macedonia as a part of OPERATION: FRONT -project by PAC Multimedia Center from Macedonia, POVOD from Slovenia, Loesje from Serbia and Gabja from Croatia. The workshop series consisted of three workshops one being TAG you place!

We first explored different locations around Bitola city and workshop participants were given information about them. Some of the participants chose to work in these locations, but naturally there were new ones found on the way. Mindmaps led to ideas and there were also small introductions to different techniques if those were needed in the process. In the end, the results were very fruital not to mention brilliant. We managed to create vast range of different types of projects from video to installations and photography exhibition in the center of city.


Revive Old Bazar (photography installation)
Lepa Georgievska
Mile Janevski
Domagoj Kaniski
Ivana Korom
Ana Markulin 
See some of the pictures in Flickr

Postcards from Bitola
Evelin Chuchek
Barbara Firbas
Matjaz Shmigoc
Jernej Terbuc
See postcards in Flickr

Mozaik (photobook)
Mihaela Medved
Ana Nimac
Masha Sajko
Masha Samolenko
Katarina Vreg
See the book (.pdf 15 Mt)

Blid Bitola (installation)
Aleksandar Najdenovski
See some of the pictures in Flickr

Heraklea (photographs)
Ivana Stankovic
See pictures in Flickr

Memory of the Silent (multimedia)
Maja Mincevska
See the work (.pdf 409 kt, please note that the original work was done in Power Point with animations)

Panta Rei (video, working title “somewhere under the Sun”)
Sinisha Premuzic
See the video (.mov 33,3 Mt)
Still images also in Flickr
A note from Sinisha (.jpg 29Kt)

3-Dimensional Bitola (installation)
Ozren Blanusa
See pictures in Flickr

See also final presentation (.pdf 609 kt)

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The workshop was assisted by Gjorgi Dimitrov from Bitola.

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