Take a step on a path

Elephant Paths is a project that explores a geographical and social space using GPS –mapping devices (GPS = global positioning system), video and stories from the people walking the paths. It reveals a point of view connected to a space, telling a short story of a moment via video triptychs and stories. It links these places together with mapping traces and social relations. Altogether it creates a spatial map that can be experienced in location (possibly with help of GPS –devices) and in the Internet. Mapped paths are marked with a note.

Elephant Paths –project's goal is to reveal cultural similarities and differences. The project ideology believes that ignorance is the road to fear and war. When we know about people living close or even far from us, we can be open minded and anti-racists. There is a common humanity everywhere, only habits, believes, religions etc. change. The aim is not find a monotonious image of the world, but to reveal common humanity we could all relate to.

Elephant Paths started in Karosta, Liepaja, Latvia in summer 2003 when the author, Mari Keski-Korsu, attended to a workshop called Locative Media. The first sketches for the project were done by mapping Karosta. Since then, there have been numerous paths mapped, people met, presentations given and two workshops organised. Elephant Paths have been exhibited in for example Live Herring in Finland, prog:ME in Brazil and Stuttgarter Filmwinter in Germany.

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